US Election: Clinton Trump, experience dealing with the inconsistency



Editorial of “ World .” We had seen waver malaise decision on September 11. Two weeks later, it is a Democratic candidate in shape, obviously fully recovered, who faced Donald Trump Monday evening, 26 September, for the first three debate scheduled presidential television by 8 November, the day of the election.

Judging by the classical criteria of the electoral battle, Hillary Clinton won the first game handily. Unlike his Republican opponent, this debate, she had prepared on the bottom. It is in his nature: Hillary Clinton works, she knows her files, and that is reassuring. “Yes, I have prepared this debate, and you know what else I prepared? A be President “she replied to Donald Trump. Of the three major components discussed (and economy employment race relations, national security) the Democratic candidate opposed to the description by Mr. Trump of “America loses” Obama ruined by two mandates, a resolutely positive and realistic vision.

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Former Secretary of State also appeared willingly caustic, more offensive against the banter of the businessman, not hesitating to attack frontally, including its refusal publishing his tax forms. The best defense being the attack, M me Clinton scored points on this ground; she even managed to do forget his own vulnerability on the troublesome affair of his emails to the State Department and place Mr. Trump more than once on defensive.

Campaign extraordinary

Le candidat républicain, Donald Trump,  et son adversaire démocrate, Hillary Clinton, lors du débat télévisé du 26 septembre, à New York.

The question, of course, is know if the classical criteria of the electoral battle work in this 2016 campaign off standard. nearly 20% of the electorate. But rationality and experience can they still influence on the choice of undecided voters? Given the climate of distrust and popular anger that rules this country, nothing is less certain.

This debate has yet permitted the two candidates make quite clearly the choice they offer to the Americans. Mr. Trump says power safeguard jobs through a massive tax cut on Company s and protectionist measures; M me Clinton, less comfortable on this terrain because of his previous support for free trade treaties, considers this dangerously increase the debt. On the issue of guns, women and ethnic minorities, they are poles apart from each other.

Citizens of US allies do not vote in this election. Yet it is on the final part of the debate, national security, the opposition between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is the more worrying because it affects us all. Whether it is the role of NATO Vladimir Putin, the fight against the organization Islamic State global warming or the arsenal nuclear inconsistency, ignorance and inexperience shown by Donald Trump are unworthy of a candidate invested by Republican Party for the presidency of a country that is a superpower. His Democratic opponent was right: Donald Trump “is not qualified to become Commander in Chief” . The vote of American voters on November 8, is also crucial for the rest of the world.



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