Two years after the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico remains a mystery


The official version, flawed and Gap shadows, was brutally dismantled by a counter investigation.


« Crime d’Etat », peut-on lire sur une banderole lors d’une manifestation à Mexico le 26 septembre 2016, pour la vérité sur la disparition de 43 étudiants à Iguala.

“Alive they took them, alive we want them! “ chanted, Monday, September 26 in Mexico City, thousands of demonstrators for the second anniversary of the disappearance of 43 student teachers from the normal Ayotzinapa school in western Mexico . This drama, which has shocked the country, remains a mystery. The official version of the death of the missing is disputed. The affair led to the resignation of a minister and the head of investigation . Despite 128 prisoners, including 70 accused of crime, shadows hanging over the larger portfolio (240 volumes) of history judiciary of the country. On Monday, demonstrators denounced the obstruction of government in a drama that reveals the extent of the infiltration of local institutions by organized crime.

  • Why there is the fate of 43 missing an enigma

The evening of drama: On the night of 26 to 27 September 2014 in Iguala in Guerrero state (west), crooked municipal police are targeting the bus confiscated by a hundred students who wanted to make in an event in Mexico City. Check: Six dead, dozens injured and 43 missing


The official version: On 27 January 2015 the Minister of justice Jesus Murillo Karam, announces that the mafia mayor of Iguala, of the Democratic Revolution Party ( PRD), and his wife, ordered the attack. He said 43 youths were handed over by the police to the cartel ‘Guerreros Unidos “who murdered them in the discharge of the nearby town of Cocula, before burn their bodies on pyre and throw their remains into the river, Rio San Juan. The authorities have run into trash bags containing charred bones and ashes. But only the DNA of an extinct was positively identified. The remaining 42 bodies are found.

A cons-survey overwhelming: The official version was shattered after against survey conducted for fourteen months five experts appointed by the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights rights (IACHR). Their report, published in April, also denounced the participation of Police Federal and of army testimonies obtained under torture, evidence of destruction and unexplored paths.

  • What are the shadow areas of the case

No stake in Cocula: Like Team Argentina forensic anthropology (EAAF), experts IACHR reject the possibility of cremation of such magnitude in the discharge because Cocula of the absence of traces on the vegetation. The expert on fire IACHR José Torero, built a pyre, the same as described in the official version (wood, tires, gasoline). Pigs were burned there to imitate the bodies of the alleged victims. The experience, described mid-September in the journal Science concluded that the inability to reach a temperature sufficient to burn 43 corpses.

The accused tortured 17 witnesses, including four corroborating the official version, were obtained under torture, according to the experts’ report of the IACHR. 60 inmates whistleblowers authorities, including the mayor of Iguala and his wife.

Obstruction and can tampering with evidence In a video – broadcast including by CNN – which is not included in the court record, Thomas Zeron, director of investigations criminal, walking on the banks of the Rio San Juan, at the precise spot where the famous bags contain the missing ashes will later be discovered. Revealed by the experts of the IACHR, these images suggest hovering doubt on a possible falsification of evidence. The survey denounces against the obstruction of government choke a case that has tainted the image of President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Une figurine représentant le président Peña Nieto planté sur les mains des 43 disparus d’Iguala, lors d’une manifestation à Mexico, le 26 septembre 2016.
  • What are the unexplored paths?

L arm ed has seen it all: soldiers following the attack in real time thanks to the region CCTV system. The night of drama, the military 27 e battalion, stationed in Iguala, also patrolled the city. A military intelligence agent even took pictures of a confrontation between students and police. The experts of the IACHR were not allowed to question battalion members.

The federal police involved: Federal police officers participated in the dams, diverting traffic bus attacked. The police operation was “coordinated in a geographical area much larger than that specified in the file” the report of the IACHR.

A bus full of heroin? One of the buses were confiscated by the students could have transportation é a drug shipment. Despite themselves, the students would have disrupted a heroin trafficking to the United States, saying the attack. The IACHR experts are “doubt the identity of the vehicle (…) and the driver” that the authorities have presented to them.

Resignation and appointment surprises: On September 14, Mr. Zeron resigned as chief of investigations without explanation. Three hours later, he was appointed Technical Secretary of the National Security Council by President Peña Nieto. The missing relatives are crying “impunity” so that in 2015 Mr. Murillo Karam has also stepped down as justice minister by the back door.

  • What reactions to the scandal?

“The authorities have hampered international efforts to discover the truth” denounced Thursday, September 22, Erika Guevara, director of Amnesty International for Americas . For Carlos Beristain, Spanish physician and member of the team of experts mandated by the IACHR, “case shows the connivance of part of the state apparatus with the drug trade.” Finally, “in the eyes of the international community, the Mexican government has shown that defense of human rights the matter” lamented the president of the Chamber of deputies, Javier Bolaños, the national Action Party (PAN, right).

  • The mystery he will be lifted one day

The investigation remains open: The Crown would investigate the geolocation of the phone calls evening of drama as well as the involvement of police Huitzuco, a town 32 km west of Iguala. But the results are expect . Moreover, the government did not renew the mandate of the experts of the IACHR, which ended on April 30, but a case of monitoring mechanism has been set up in collaboration with the IACHR. Finally, “there is no guarantee that all those responsible will be punished” worried, Wednesday, September 21, Jan Jarab, representative in Mexico of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights . Five days later in Mexico, relatives of the 43 missing were leading the procession of demonstrators demanding: “Justice! “



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