Trump-Clinton debate: “One of the participants was nothing decent to offer”


The critical American press the lack of preparation of the Republican candidate to face his Democratic rival in the first televised debate.

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Les deux candidats se sont affrontés dans le premier débat télévisé de la campagne dans la soirée de lundi.

“A war of words,” to on Seattle Times “ninety minutes without taboo” to Tampa Bay Times a “debate acerbic” which is “condensed” of “dirty campaign” for the New York times … a few hours after the first televised debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton the media US agree on Tuesday, September 27 at describe a virulent confrontation between the two candidates for the White House. The editorialists also virtually unanimous in affirm that the Democratic candidate is the winner of the debate.

Very hard with Donald Trump, the New York Times which recently announced its official support to Hillary Clinton estimated that the Republican candidate, who “lied compulsively since entering the race,” was again “took the hand in Monday evening bag” .

“There was a fundamental asymmetry in this debate, because of a terrible truth: one of the participants was nothing honest propose . “

“Trump should have prepare more»

Same story on the side of Washington Post that “the first debate has again proved to all but one of the candidates is able to become president.” Many media outlets have signed similar editorials, considering that the Republican candidate was not be elected president of the United States. “From the first minute, the debate has reminded us that we should not entrusted Presidency Donald Trump” says Boston Globe .

“Maybe Donald Trump should have prepared more» debate, believes even a columnist chain, yet conservative Fox News . “Trump could have win election tonight. He did not do it. “

This is particularly on economic issues Hillary Clinton won the debate decrypts Politico . According to the site, Donald Trump did not respond effectively – if at all – in tackles his opponent, particularly on the state of the economy before the return of the Democrats power eight years earlier, but also controversial statements at the time of the subprime crisis.

The magazine Foreign Policy a specialist in international relations, it has analyzed the debate in terms of terrorism military matters and internal security. Before the Americans “Trump was seized of the matter Who do you feel you safe? and Clinton How you put safe? he says.

Lester Holt “on an island”

The behavior of the moderator, Lester Holt, is also deeply discussed by the American press. For Washington Post the host of NBC remained “passive” and back during the debate. The daily also notes that he did not ask questions on topics such as gun control or appointments to the Supreme Court. Even analysis side Politico

“Lester Holt was on an island this Monday night. And for most of the first debate of presidential elections, there remained, leaving the cruisers Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump draw missiles. “

The famous site pro-Trump Breitbart was instead accused of having behaved in a biased manner favoring Clinton. For this site ultraconservative, host of NBC paved the way to attacks usually led by the Democratic candidate against Donald Trump. A view shared by a chronicler of New York Post, who believes that the moderator was “too nice” with Clinton.

If the press believes that Democrats dominated the debate, she wins so far points in the polls? According to initial surveys and “ focus groups” gathered by the US site Hillary Clinton doing well winning. Conversely, the Huffington Post calls for caution and recommends waiting for the results of future national polls to draw political conclusions of this TV duel.



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