The report of the judicial police who enlightens the reasons for the custody of Bernard Squarcini


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Bernard Squarcini pose dans son bureau de la direction centrale du renseignement intérieur à Levallois-Perret, le 22 mars 2012.

Monday, September 26th, Bernard Squarcini, former director of the central management of Internal Intelligence (DCRI today ISB), was placed custody in the premises of the General inspectorate of Police national (IGPN) as part of a judicial investigation including “violation of the secrecy of the investigation”, “obstruction of investigations” “compromise”, “breach of confidentiality” and “influence peddling.”

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Prolonged Monday night in police custody continued Tuesday morning, and that of Christian Flaesch, former director of the Paris police, a former police general information and a senior safety group LVMH. A former magistrate, in charge of security of the LVMH group, he was taken into custody Tuesday morning. Finally, Michel Gaudin, current chief of staff of Nicolas Sarkozy was heard in the context of a free hearing Monday, as a former head of security in Corsica aujourd ‘hui stationed IGPN.

  • The Listens Mr. Squarcini in the heart of the investigation

The multiple hearings underway since Monday are particularly rooted in the exhumation of a report to the explosive content, dated 2013, which was however lost in the court records. The report, World has noted, illustrates how Bernard Squarcini has involved his contacts in the police to serve its interests, those of companies where he worked and those in the entourage of Nicolas Sarkozy, in particular informed of developments in the Cahuzac affair. It also tells how, after an entire career devoted to intelligence, Mr. Squarcini continued do in the private sector what he knew best: raise confidential information.

  • Disclosure of information on proceedings concerning LVMH

On 2 April 2013, for example, Mr. Flaesch SMS informs Mr. Squarcini that investigation preliminary open after filing a complaint against LVMH Hermes was referred to the prosecutor who must open a criminal. Reassuring, he said that the financial police, then under his authority, has not had time to establish other facts not mentioned in the complaint of Hermes, it summarizes Mr. Squarcini. This transfers the message to two senior executives of LVMH, one of which is then considered as the most influential adviser Mr. Arnault. The procedure does not go to completion. Hermes eventually withdraw her complaints in exchange for LVMH output of its capital, under the terms of a secret agreement. Contacted, the LVMH declined to comment. The lawyer for Bernard Squarcini, Patrick Maisonneuve, did not respond to the demands of World .



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