The former head of domestic intelligence Bernard Squarcini indicted



The former director of the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI) Bernard Squarcini was indicted, Wednesday, September 28, heads including “violation of the secrecy of the investigation”, “influence peddling” and “embezzlement” in investigation on its activities since its conversion in private, said a judicial source.

He who was the number one domestic intelligence under Nicolas Sarkozy which is close, was also indicted on several counts, including “false public documents and use”, “handling violation of the secrecy of the investigation “and” violation of the secrecy of correspondence by person holding public authority “.

Bernard Squarcini, 60, was questioned for two days in custody at the General Inspectorate for the National Police (IGPN), the “ Police Fonts” in the context of a judicial investigation including influence peddling, breach of confidentiality and compromise the secret- defense .

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Mixed with the case, the former head of the Paris police Flaesch Christian, a former magistrate security framework today at LVMH and another former executive of this group of luxury were at the end of police custody Tuesday night subsequently summoned to the judges for possible indictments .

Finally, a former associate of Bernard Squarcini, based in the Directorate General of Internal Security (RPS) and remained very attached to his former boss, according to sources close to the investigation, was also indicted particular heads of “breach of confidentiality” and “compromise the secrecy of national defense.” He was placed under judicial control.

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After a long career in the police, where he was number 2 GR (general information), head of the Directorate for Territorial Surveillance (DST) and the Central Directorate of Internal Security (DCRI, became ISB ), this “FBI French” wanted by Nicolas Sarkozy, Bernard Squarcini, nicknamed the “Squale” was converted in private after have was ousted from his position at the arrival of the left in power .



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