The European Greens elected launch “EULeaks” a platform for whistleblowers


Confronted in 2014 with the difficulty of access to documents under the LuxLeaks revelations environmentalists elected an open platform which can be deposited safely considered public documents.

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A la Commission européenne en juillet 2016.

The initiative is original, but could do cringe in the “bubble” of Brussels, near the European Commission and especially the Council ( meeting Member States), known for its lack of transparency. A dozen elected European Greens, the French Eva Joly and Michèle Rivasi, Belgian Philippe Lamberts, Sven Gielgold or German, were launch Tuesday, September 27 platform EUleaks.

This is a website where the “whistleblowers” are invited to file documents deemed of public interest in safety, ensure elected officials. Their anonymity will be guaranteed, recipients of documents with no way to get in touch with them with the exception of the email (if they leave one). When connected through the TOR browser required to access to the platform, the sources will fill a specific questionnaire for check their serious and the documents. They may clear how they want their information to be exploited, and the sensitivity.


Elected expressly covet information related to their topics of expertise, and the process of Brussels decision: Documents related to the controversial negotiation of transatlantic treaty (or TTIP TAFTA), the placing on the market of GMO authorizations, emissions of polluting gases, linked to Volkswagen scandal … Or it relates to fraud and tax evasion.

“A title For example, if it had existed at the Volkswagen case, this platform we would have reveal early malfunctioning of controls Europe . For many knew that they were rigged. In the same way, maybe we would have had knowledge of the offshore company Neelie Kroes “ recently revealed in the context of” Bahamas Leaks “ ensures Eva Joly.

MEP adds:

“The house Europe suffers from a problem of opacity, as shown by the case of LuxLeaks on which we, MEPs, have struggled to get information from the European Commission. “

The initiative was born out of frustration. At the origin of the special commission “LuxLeaks” Parliament of Strasbourg following revelations LuxLeaks the end of 2014 environmentalists elected were soon faced with the challenge access to sensitive documents “code of conduct group” . This emanation of the European Council, comprising representatives of member states, meets regularly since the late 1990. Its “minutes” are a goldmine for understand and the responsibilities of each other in relative lack of control at European level, until recently, against abuses of tax competition between capitals.

Support for Anthony Deltour is also a way to appeal to transparency, which should have a certain echo in Brussels, while Juncker Commission has trouble off t fire of Barroso scandal, its former president spent at Goldman Sachs. And is shaken by the revelations of the Bahamas Leaks for former Commissioner Neelie Kroes, who failed declare during his tenure in Brussels, shares it owned of a company registered in the notorious tax haven.

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The initiative received the blessing of Antoine Deltour, the whistleblower of LuxLeaks “I EULeaks support because democracy can not flourish in opacity. Political institutions need whistleblowers “he said in an email to Eva Joly. Environmentalists have also pushed last spring, after the scandal caused by Panama papers, for the adoption of a European directive to protect whistleblowers. But without much illusion: it is still no news Commission side, the only one with the initiative of European laws


The launch was not devoid of ulterior political motives: it is a way for environmentalists to get hear in Strasbourg hemicycle where the “grand coalition” conservatives -sociaux Democrats set up after the last European elections in 2014, to address the Eurosceptic breakthrough acts like a damper.



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