The Assembly restored the validity of checks a year against the government



Jusqu’ici, les chèques sont valables un an. Mais le gouvernement veut privilégier les moyens de paiement alternatifs.

MEPs restored Wednesday evening September 28, against the advice of the Government, the period of validity of a check to twelve months while the project law Sapin 2, discussed in second reading, planned to reduce the six months from July 2017 .

MEPs adopted an amendment by Jean-Luc Laurent (Val-de-Marne, Republican and Citizen Movement, MRC) aimed at guarantee a validity period of twelve months for checks and controls the government a report on “the future of currency in circulation” .

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“The dematerialisation of payment methods is a fundamental and serious issue that can not do subject of scoops camouflaged in successive Bills” denounced Mr. Lawrence. “The use of the check today remains massive. This payment remains the prerogative of people who do not have access to digital means of payment or feed some suspicion against them “he pleaded.

Alternative Payment Methods

M. Laurent received the support of deputies from all the benches that felt like the Communist André Chassaigne (Puy-de-Dôme) that reduction at six months “bousculerait certain habits” in the elderly or as ecologist Brigitte Allain that would complicate the lives of owners of guesthouses who receive reservation checks.

For this reduction to six months, the Ministry of Finance wanted encourage “the use of alternative means of payment checks, fast, secure and accessible (maps , transfers, direct debits) and reduce uncertainty to delay cashing the check “according to the explanation given in the bill.

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