The artworks are bartered, links are forged



Le soir du vernissage de « Matin, midi et soir », exposition où les œuvres n’étaient pas à vendre, mais à troquer.

An exhibition where the works were not on Sale but exchange . Intriguing, the proposal seems, he pinpointed a chord: the opening night, Wednesday 14 September, discreet RueVisconti gallery in Paris was so full that any artery of the same name was stormed.

On the walls: photographs, paintings, sculptures, drawings or videos in total more than 70 works of fifty emerging and established artists and even some stars. All component chronology of an imaginary day punctuated by light, entitled “Morning, noon and night.”

A do round the hook in the direction of clockwise or down, we crossed over interrogative visitors: So what did they exchange? In the “trade show,” where everyone could fill a register is pressed while the time already pressed him too: offers were be made before the end of the week, until Sunday. Then hooking remained visible one more week, time that artists decide.

“The exchange literally and figuratively”

Sunday, September 25, after the final day of exhibition, artists and selected Troqueurs were invited to find around a large buffet house to stall. “I waited for this moment since the beginning of the project then says Laure Flammarion, its instigator. This principle of barter to gain Art has a long history, particularly in Brussels. But these events are generally done without police and anonymously, that is to say we do not know who the artist is. Me, what interested me is the exchange literally and figuratively: that is to say the barter as the meeting “ explains the warm 32 year old woman


This need create of trade, it reflects the impact of the attacks: “I wanted to commit myself” summarizes t- she. “For me, this exhibition is also a form of commitment. We now lack of places which create the link, dialogue, and especially in the world of art. I wanted to decompartmentalize generations, backgrounds and reputations. “ Artists such as associate curators (a dozen) were invited, throughout the exhibition, pass time on hand to talk with visitors.

Laure Flammarion is not a gallery, but documentary filmmaker, and jack-of-all. “Honoré Visconti” is one of his projects, created two years ago: a label of Programming independent in the gallery, where it strives to attract a wide audience and practice affordable price. It considers this new project as “manifest” of his approach: “Today, collaborative economy grows, and the exchange is the currency of the future . I did not invent anything, I just put people in a position to compare in such exchanges. “

Exposition « Matin, midi et soir » à la galerie RueVisconti à Paris.

“Scribe” for a year

What everyone is ready to give for a work of art? Not so easy to position with a form. “It has even upset some people not power just buy works they liked” if she enjoys. Among the more unusual proposals selected, it can be read pinned on a wall: “I pledge to be your scribe for one year. (…) I agree to ALL write for you contravention of protest letters, letters of love folders for residences in English and french, catalog texts and pleas for any potential trial against you. “

The artist Thomas Hauser is precisely in the process of talk with Saskia and became his “scribe” for the year. “I hesitated he explains. had to discuss, but I do need put words on my work . “ But ” ALL “ undertaking to write, did she not fear the young singer he abused? “Many of my artist friends already abusing my services! “if she amused shrug.

The skills have been a powerful bargaining chip: the photographer Estelle Hanania be well accepted “to support the writing of a screenplay.” Further, the curatorial offerings website realization, archiving … Giving less of themselves, the owners (a mansion in UK a cabin in the Landes or a Venetian palace) knew draw their own in the game. So, a stay in a “sheepfold XVIII e century “lost in the wild in the Var has won three works.

In addition to official barter, other exchanges are still in talks, like Françoise Petrovitch with a Belgian designer who offers her a dress inspired his work. “It continues! This is what I wanted: part of the exhibition is strict, but I love that bonds are formed and that the dialogues go beyond “welcomes the Commissioner


Sophie Calle holds the record for proposals, with fifty offers for one of his photographs. She chose a theorem developed for it. Intangible almost as a writer promised to make a photographer “funny character” in his next novel (a history love lesbian).

“Small sacrifices”

In total, twenty works have not resulted in a barter. “Some artists are disappointed admits Laure Flammarion. But others who did not find any suitable offers are still very happy. “ This is the case of the painter Thomas Lévy-Lasne, which is especially seen propose for a table Paulin sofa associated with a week’s holiday. “It is too small to me, and I will not take vacation until next May, when …, he describes with humor. But I loved that all of a sudden, we do not talk about money, and people simply offer small sacrifices. The mix of artists was also nice: I’ve never been set ed with Mréjen or Ben, for example. “ The first wrote a fictional text for the exhibition catalog ( available online ); the second will, he chose keep registration.

“This experience is a generous and unifying great human moment confirms the young Andrea Montano. All world discusses and compares its proposals: it reminds me of when I was little and we were talking about our Pokémon, which could be exchanged. “ The photographer was particularly left attract by a combo including ” contact list of the 10 coolest girls Paris .

This exhibition was she the first in a series, or a single edition? “Now I’m really tired admits Laure Flammarion in smile . But of course I want to again with the strong will of out of Paris intramural. However, I will not leave on an adventure without the support of financial partners, which we are limited, especially for welcome public: lesson learned! “



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