The “Arabian Morvandiau” Montebourg wants to seduce the suburbs



Arnaud Montebourg, candidat à la présidentielle, lors de « L’Emission politique » de France 2, le 22 septembre.

“I am Arab-Morvan! “ Guest Monday, September 26 on BFM-TV and RMC, Arnaud Montebourg has paid tribute to his maternal grandfather, a native of family Berber of Algeria to to illustrate his concept of French identity. “It was an Arab, I am very proud he passed much” said the former minister, recalling that “a thirds of the French have a foreign grandfather “.

For Mr. Montebourg, the debate on the French identity “is a machine do diversion on the real economic and social subjects” . Asked about the term “Gauls” used by Nicolas Sarkozy to set the French, the former Socialist elected estimated that “the France is not a country that is ethnically defined, it is a contract policy between its members “. A formulation that is not without remember one of François Hollande for which France is not defined by “identity” but ” an idea “.

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This is not the first time Mr. Montebourg highlights its Algerian descent. As minister, the native of Clamecy, a town in the Nièvre at the gates of the Morvan, regularly reminded course of his grandfather, a native of Hashem, a village east of Oran, who fought for France during the second World war, before join FLN during the war in Algeria.

mobilize French Muslims

Evidence of the importance of this relationship, Arnaud Montebourg had striven, during his two years at Bercy, develop trade relations with the Maghreb. Several times he had visited Algeria or Morocco in order to promote a “Industrial Alliance” or “pact coproduction “. In private, Mr. Montebourg explained that the Mediterranean was be in the Hexagon that the Eastern countries are in Germany a “hinterland” where make low cost overpriced products perform in France.

In November 2012, the minister even went to Tripoli in turmoil, to convince Libyan President Mohamed El-Megaryef of save refinery Petroplus Petit Couronne (Seine-Maritime), in liquidation. “We can refine together, but why not extract together distribute together” was enthusiastic Mr. Montebourg, offering in exchange for help Libyans implement in France their Tamoil service station network. Alas, the case had petered out.

According to his entourage, this family proximity to the Maghreb, originality among the presidential candidates will be put forward during the campaign. Objective: to attract the vote of suburbs . “We go to 65% of French Muslims totally secularized and are mistreated by the right says a relative. The challenge is succeed in the raise . “ A movement in Algeria would be especially prepared.

In 2007, while Ségolène Royal’s spokesman for the campaign for the presidential election, Mr. Montebourg had already tried the same bet, pushing the candidate put forward its program in the Maghreb . With some success: the French Muslims voted 58% for M me Royal, according to IFOP. A score much higher than it had received in the rest of population .

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