Syrian rebels say they have taken Dabiq, city symbol for the Islamic State


The success of the offensive was confirmed by the OSDH, who said that the jihadist organization had affected 1,200 fighters to his defense.


Syrian rebels, supported by tanks and Turkish aircraft, announced on Sunday 16 October, have took control of Dabiq, a town near the Turkish border, which was until now the hands of the organization Islamic State (EI). This decision was confirmed by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH).

The website Al Jazeera said the rebels had also taken control of some cities nearby. At the same time, suicide bombers have done blow causing an unknown number of wounded, during an operation of Police a sleeper cell in Gaziantep, large southeastern city of Turkey close to Syria announced the media .

Located northeast of Aleppo, Dabiq is presented by the IU as the ultimate battle site before the Apocalypse between Muslims and “infidels” and gave his name to one of the group’s propaganda organs. Ahmed Osman, who heads one of the groups arm ed participating in the military operation, told Reuters that the nearby town of Soran was also under their control.

A useful city for propaganda purposes

According to the OSDH, jihadists had put more than 1 200 soldiers to defense of this strategic city less than symbolic and useful for propaganda purposes. But faced with the advance of rebel troops, EI had started take distanced Dabiq, saying in advance that this assault was not the final battle and prophetic as expected.

Taking Dabiq is part of the operation “Shield of the Euphrates” launched on 24 August by Turkey and its allies among the Syrian rebels with a dual purpose push jihadists of the border area and prevent Syrian Kurds to expand the territory under their control in northern Syria



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