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Syria Bygmalion, Squarcini … Follow the political news live






The important point of the intervention of Jean-Marc Ayrault this morning on Europe 1

Asked about the situation in Syria the Foreign Minister said that France was working currently in a resolution submitted to the UN security Council “as quickly as possible, it’s a matter of hours.”

It is not too late for a start

Mr. Ayrault. – Calling Russia an ally of Bashar al scheme Assad, in his “responsibilities” – a political solution is still possible


The Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki’moon, yesterday called for “war crimes” the bombing of the two main hospitals in the rebel part of the city of Aleppo by the Syrian regime and Russia.

Jean-Marc Ayraut further held that “more bombs fall on Syria” most jihadist recruiting.





The CICE has had a positive effect “probable” on employment

The tax credit for competitiveness and employment (CICE), a key measure of the five year term of Francois Hollande, has led to “a significant improvement in corporate margins” according to the conclusions of its monitoring committee, made today. The CICE, in force since 1 January 2013, is intended to lower the cost of labor for French companies to enable them to hire and invest.





And on the political agenda of the day:

  • Opening . François Hollande went this morning to Dammartin in Goële to inaugurate the new printing works in which were entrenched on 9 January 2015, Kouachi brothers, responsible for the slaughter of Charlie Weekly. The printing press was destroyed after the raid in which the two brothers had been killed
  • Bygmalion . Tonight will air the full investigation of the case in Bygmalion Special Envoy on France 2 with the exclusive interview with Franck Attal, a specialist company in event;
  • territorial reform. Prime Minister Manuel Valls will be at the 12th Congress of the Association of Regions of France.




Before we look at what will occupy us today, this is what he had learned from yesterday:





Hello everyone! Welcome to another political live devoted to news of 29 September 2016.


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