Syria: Aleppo shelling of hospitals are “war crimes”, said Ban Ki-moon


“This is worse than in a slaughterhouse,” said Secretary General of the United Nations Wednesday, reacting to the bombing of two hospitals of Aleppo.


Après l’effondrement d’un immeuble dans la zone rebelle d’Al-Shaar à Alep, mardi 27 septembre.

The Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, reacted to Wednesday, September 28 bombing of the two largest hospitals in the rebellious part of Aleppo, calling them “war crimes” . “This is worse than in a slaughterhouse” has he declared before the United Nations Organization Security Council (UN), referring “people with torn limbs “ and ” children who suffer terribly without respite. “

“This is a war against the health workers Syria has he said, recalling that the right international requires to protect staff and medical facilities. “Deliberate attacks against hospitals are war crimes. “ The two largest hospitals in the rebellious part of Aleppo have been affected by the bombing which, according to NGOs and residents, deliberate attacks on the Syrian regime and its Russian ally for y destroy infrastructure.

In one of the two hospitals, a generator was completely destroyed. Three employees were injured in the second, including an ambulance driver, a nurse and an accountant, according to the medical NGO Syrian American Medical Society. “It remains [à Alep est] six hospitals still active, now that these two institutions are out,” said the member of the NGO Adham Sahloul.

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“We have let them down”

M. Ban said that the UN Security Council adopted in May a resolution on the protection of personal and health facilities in conflict arm ed but that since then, attacks in Syria or Yemen had not ceased. “In Syria, the carnage continues and nobody is spared” has he said. World let them fall we let them down” he added in reference to Syrian civilians. “It takes act and do make accounts” managers.

The armies of the Syrian and Russian air lead for nearly a week an intense bombing campaign on areas held by insurgents in the east of the country’s second city, reducing dust in many buildings.

The World Health Organization had warned Tuesday that medical facilities in this sector were at the edge of “total destruction” . She also called “to the immediate establishment of humanitarian corridors to evacuate sick and wounded” .

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