Spain resignation at the top of the Socialist Party


Seventeen officers of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party presented their resignations Wednesday to force the departure of its secretary general Pedro Sanchez .


Le secrétaire général du PSOE, Pedro Sancher, à Madrid le 26 septembre.

Seventeen members of the leadership of Socialist Party Spanish Worker (PSOE) presented Wednesday, September 28 resignation to force the departure of its secretary general Pedro Sanchez, said the Agency France Presse (AFP) spokesman of the party. The executive body “must be deposed and powers must be passed to an interim management” told AFP an opponent of Mr. Sanchez. The handover had not yet occurred Wednesday night. Pedro Sanchez remained his quiet side.

The war opened within the PSOE for several days in connection with the historical electoral defeats of the party since he is in charge. These resignations are indeed following the defeat of the party in the regional elections in Galicia and the Basque Country Sunday.

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A 44-year-old, who is general secretary of the PSOE since 2014 and who was symbolize renewal seems embody failures of this training challenged by Podemos . Mr. Sanchez and his party lost 20 seats in the parliamentary elections of December 2015, leaving only 90 seats. He made worse in June, falling to 85 deputies.

Political paralysis

The division is also related to paralysis policy in Spain without a government for more than nine months, as the right head but with a very short lead (137 MPs 350), fails to find enough support for form a new cabinet. But the Socialist Party is the only one who can release the situation: if the 85 elected not voting against and abstaining, right, backed by the centrist, can rule [

If part of the socialist leaders supported the formation of a Conservative government, Pedro Sanchez Monday reiterated his denial of the Popular Party of Mariano Rajoy govern . The head of the PSOE is in fact decided at any cost to try to form a government of the left, which would however need the support of Basque and Catalan separatists. Face opposition within his party, Mr. Sanchez announced his wish call activists on 23 October to decide whether they are renewing their confidence.



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