September 11: Congress overrides the veto Obama and authorize prosecutions against Riyadh


Elected officials voted by a large majority to override a presidential veto on a law authorizing relatives of victims of the 2001 attacks to pursue Saudi Arabia. Barack Obama had never seen one of his veto revoked.


Barack Obama à Washington le 28 septembre.

The elected US Congress voted Wednesday, September 28 with a large majority for pass override the veto of Barack Obama a law allowing relatives of victims of September 11 to continue of Saudi Arabia a first since the beginning of his presidency .

Elected to the House of Representatives voted 348 votes to override the presidential veto against 77 votes going in the direction of the head of state, shortly after a similar vote in the Senate. Since coming to power in 2009, Barack Obama has used its veto 12 times, but never the two-thirds majority required for reject had been reached.

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Caution Gulf monarchies

M. Obama, who signed his veto September 23, considers that this law will weaken the principle of immunity that protects states and their prosecution of diplomats and risk, backfire, exposing the US to prosecution in various courts across world . “I understand the desire of justice families [des victimes] and I am committed to the help in this effort” explained US President in a letter to the Senate the previous week. However, he added, sign this law “would have a detrimental impact on the national security of the United States” .

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The text, dubbed “Justice contre sponsors of terrorism act” ( “justice against sponsors of terrorism”), sparked a lifting of shields among the Gulf monarchies who have warned against ” a serious precedent “. These maintain already tense relations with the Obama administration to which they criticize, among others, have returned Iran large Shiite rival, the diplomatic play.

Fifteen of the 19 perpetrators of the attacks of September 11 were Saudis, but the involvement of Riyadh, ally of the United States, has never been demonstrated.



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