mausoleums in Timbuktu destruction: a jihadist sentenced to nine years in prison


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Ahmad Al-Faqi Al-Mahdi a été jugé coupable par la Cour pénale internationale de la destruction de mausolées à Tombouctou.
Ahmad Al-Mahdi Al-Faqi was found guilty by the International Criminal Court for the destruction of the mausoleums in Timbuktu.
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The judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) agreed on Tuesday September 27, the Malian jihadist Ahmad Al-Faqi Al-Mahdi guilty of the destruction of nine mausoleums world heritage of humanity in Timbuktu and the secret door of Sidi Yahia mosque during the occupation of the city by the jihadists.

He was sentenced to nine years in prison, “Whereas, in particular its direct involvement in numerous incidents and his role as spokesperson for media have said the judges.

Under “demonic” influence

Ahmad Al-Faqi Al-Mahdi, who pleaded guilty and expressed “regrets” while trial said have acted under the hold “demonic” jihadist groups Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Ansar Dine.

As part of their agreement “plead guilty” the prosecutor Fatou Bensouda and defense had asked nine to eleven years in prison, but judges could have ignore this recommendation impose in the former rebel to thirty years in prison.

This trial is historic, being the first consider the destruction of cultural property as a war crime.

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