La Manif for all, “it is the moment to be heard”


Sunday, campaigners against gay marriage demonstrate in Paris to demand the repeal of the law Taubira . But the text in gradually in manners and claim meets a moderate echo.

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Marie et Eloi distribuent, le 12 octobre 2016 devant la station Duroc à Paris, des tracts appelant à participer à la Manif pour tous le dimanche suivant.

Manif for all time! “ They are young, smiling, enthusiastic. At the exit of a metro station 15 e district of Paris Marie, 18, and Eloi, 19 (they preferred that their name family does not appear) tend their leaflets to passersby. “New offensive against the family and education. Stop enough! All in Paris Sunday, October 16 “it is written in capital letters.

Both volunteers were all marches against the law that opened the marriage and adoption to same-sex couples in May 2013. This time, they also lend a hand to the organization, bearing the keeping rigor: pink sweatshirt for her, blue for him, adorned with the family nuclear that became the logo of the movement


“Marriage is center my values, says Marie. All world should power be like a father and a mother. The complementarity between men and women is physical and psychic. It is an injustice to deprive children. “

A moderate echo

The movement continues to claim repealing the Taubira law. But the text in gradually in manners and claim meets a moderate echo. Manif for all therefore focuses on the theme of filiation. “In assisted reproduction [PMA] and Surrogacy [GPA] we will not let go continues the young woman. “

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Why continue to scroll? “If the movement does not exist, the government could act as He wills” says Marie. “Whenever we went down the street, we had won adds Eloi. must not stop there. “

Abandonment of family law after the event in February 2014; Prime Minister’s statement Manuel Valls in favor of an international initiative against the GPA just before the October of the same year; abandonment of “ABCD of Equality” – a device to fight against inequality and stereotypes of girls to boys, a month later …

Eloi distribue, le 12 octobre 2016 devant la station Duroc à Paris, des tracts appelant à participer à la Manif pour tous le dimanche suivant.

Although the opening of the LDCs female couples and singles is not envisaged for the time, even if the GPA is prohibited in France, the Manif for all disputes any breach opened his eyes, do dam. Such as the condemnation of France by the European Court of Human Rights for failing to include the civil status of children born through surrogacy abroad, against which the government does has not appealed.

Protect ‘traditional and immutable “family

Another concern “the teaching of gender .” According to the Government, the concept of kind is in books school for fight against gender stereotypes and do progress t equality between the sexes.

“In the first manual of my little sister, it wrote: ” It is not because one is born male that becomes a man, because it is born female one becomes a woman, “is indignant Eloi. I do not want her asking questions like that! Of course we have the gender equality, but when man is born, one is a man. It takes respect nature. “

Mary wants also protect family “traditional and immutable” which is “the company’s core” . “Without this, the world will disoriented” she dreads. The two activists are Christians but say their commitment is “Independent” vision of the Church.

Many hurried passers take the leaflet without a word. Some approve of “I’ll be there! “ ” Give me two! “ Other enrage ” Certainly not! “ ” They pass me. “ A woman casts her leaflet at their feet: ” This is shameful! “ ” I’m afraid of not being on the same side as you ! “kindly said another. An old man stops. “I am a believer and I live with a man for thirty-six years, avoid aggression please” ‘he said. The two young exclaim. “Those who accuse us of homophobia do not know us, Mary said. We welcome everyone. “

“I have never understood, you are for or against gay? asks a young woman wearing the veil Islamic.

Neither for nor against, we are for the family meets Eloi


Then you are to that homosexuals can found a family?

We are that all children have a mother and a father said Eloi


– The mother brings softness, firmness father adds Marie


This is very stereotypical, what you say, observed the pass. You know there are many children who grow up in single-parent families and are balanced? “

“This is the moment to be heard”

These dialogues is that the two activists prefer. But towing does not seem to be their mode of mobilization exceeded. “It is true that today what works is Facebook . We exceeded 51,000 subscribers to our recognizes Eloi. But being physically present, it shows that there is a real mobilization. “

The Manif for all its newsletter sent to 400 000 people. How will parade Sunday? After the 100,000 demonstrators in February 2014 (according to Police ) in October nearly 80 000 people took to the streets, while no project affecting the family was envisaged.

Leaders and activists hope that context policy encourage mobilization. “You call vote for which the primary [de la droite] ? “ rightly asks a passerby. “In person” Eloi respond tit for tat. Jean-Frédéric Poisson is the only candidate supported the repeal of the law on marriage for all . The National Front also defends the. But for all the Manif shows no support.

“We’ll see at the last moment what the candidates propose to the family continues Eloi. We want coherent people, who have a consistency in their positions. It’s time to get hear . The societal, that’s the only thing that will their allow to stand . “ But the young are not interested only in the primary from the right. “We must be careful that say all candidates, including left” says Marie.



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