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Karim Rissouli présente deux rendez-vous : « L’Emission politique », sur France 2,  et « C Politique » sur France 5.

A media fanfare back in? Seated at Barbès brewery establishment planted in this district of Paris not completely gentrified where he resides, Karim Rissouli plays the modest sketch a smile and prefers raise “a contest circumstances “. Coincidence or not, the journalist is very present in recent weeks on many channels and stations trays. The first reason? The publication of Private conversations with President (Albin Michel, 320 p., 19,50 euros), co-written with Antonin André, of Europe 1, the result of twenty appointment you with François Hollande . The book is a hit and Karim Rissouli made the after-sales service, from a radio station to a channel info with apparent composure.

The other reason for this unusual media exposure? His appearance on the front line in two appointment television, “The Issue policy on France 2, the first of which was held Thursday, September 15, accompanied by Leah Salame and David Pujadas. Before moving on Sunday, September 18 France 5, late afternoon, with a “C Politics ” new version of which he is the main facilitator.

Speaking of him, Alba Ventura, a political journalist on RTL who visited there a dozen years in Europe 1, summarizes: “He’s fast, he works, he has a form ‘humility. But still a little immature … “

“He wanted all know and seemed really passionate”

Karim Rissouli is not a newcomer in the French media landscape. And politicians has long since become accustomed to the rub . “When I was in Europe 1 remembers Alba Ventura Karim, then beginner kept talk policy. He wanted to know everything and seemed really passionate. When I was on the point of from Jean-Pierre Elkabbach called me for me ask which I saw for strengthen political service. Without definitely I said: Karim! “

At 24, the young graduate in law and journalism integrates the policy of a station that frequent in recent months service. From the start, forcing election campaign, Karim Rissouli plunges into the deep: it follows Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal. The job is exciting, time, dicey.

“I do not know the codes and asked myself the question: can we do political journalism differently? Avoid mimicry, the overreaction. If one follows too long the same candidate, collusion is inevitable. And during de investments officials, it is difficult not to be smoke! “ A lucidity which in this environment is not so divided. “I try not to put to affect my relationship with political” he assures.

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From television to radio

Radio him discover sizes and easements of the trade. It feels good, but when Canal + calls in 2009, he took the leap: “I did not want to leave Europe 1, except for a show like” Sunday + “because we are breaking the codes of political journalism. Ara Aprikian [alors directeur des programmes de flux] proposed to me there work and for my first experience of refer TV, I felt a huge sense of freedom . “

He spent four years on “Sunday +” and two years at the “Grand Journal” . The arrival of Vincent Bolloré at the head of the chain does not encourage remain . “I do not see myself bring jersey Canal” summarizes this supporter of SCO of Angers who, speaking of his former home, feels “a little sad see what happens there.”

He admits have always nervous before live without this being crippling. “It is only on TV, I am not a surgeon who has the life of a patient’s hands! “ he relativized. A TV that was not present in the environment family, except for some appointment or sports policies. “In 1986 I was 5 years old and I watch France – Brazil on my father’s lap. I also remember the amazement of my parents, two years later, when the score of Le Pen in the first round of presidential elections (almost 15%) appears on the screen. “

If the elevator social now seems down, it worked well for Karim Rissouli raised to Angers by a Moroccan father and a French mother, both social workers. “I had no networks. But culturally, my parents allowed me to move forward. And in my profession, I did good meetings at the right time. “ According to him, if the press corps is not quite the reality of this country this is more for social reasons than skin color . “ World policy is much worse: how he has there-workers at the National Assembly? “

The role of citizen journalist

Her first TV appearance was in 2009 in “Le Grand Journal”. He came there present Hold-uPS, scams and betrayals (co-written with Antonin Andre, Editions of the moment, 2009), on fraud supporters of Martine Aubry in the election to first secretary of Socialist Party and he had made shake by Jean-Michel apathy.

He has since learned to tame this media. We saw half a dozen times in “Words and deeds” on France 2 debrief emission from social networks . Twitter is a warning that more source info” he precise.

In November 2015, Michel Field, director of France 5, asks the projects. “I want to be a link between politics and society. In my eyes, the reporter an important civic role “ launches Rissouli Karim, who does not just fine words. Long vice president of an association that recovered funds, instruments and trained luthiers to learn music to hundreds of Palestinian children in camps, he actively supports ViensVoirMonTaf association, founded by his companion, allowing find of courses to kids living in priority education zones (ZEP). “This is the network for young people who have no network” he summarizes. Each week, workshops on the news of media are organized Marx-Dormoy college in northern Paris . A good way to practice its role of citizen journalist.



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