Jim Yong Kim unanimously renewed for five years as head of the World Bank



Le président de la Banque mondiale, l’Américain Jim Yong Kim, le 1er juin 2016, à Washington.

Unique candidate for succession, American Jim Yong Kim was unanimously reappointed to head the World Bank (WB) for five years , made know Tuesday, September 27 the institution of development in a statement. The 56 year old man begins his second term on 1 er in July 2017.

“It is with humility that I have the honor of serve this great institution” reacted the person, who was chosen four years ago , to general surprise, by Barack Obama to claim to this function.

The arrival in July 2012 of this man, who had protested against the abuse of the World Bank as a student, had sparked a wave of enthusiasm within the BM, after the passing of Robert Zoellick, a pillar of the administration of George W. Bush.

On the South Korean origin, the former doctor and university president was praised for its mobilization against Ebola and on global warming. But he also faced an internal discontent fueled by a hotly contested reorganization and controversy over the payment of bonuses to senior executives in 2014.

No dissenting candidature

A tacit agreement wants Americans and Europeans share the leadership of the Bretton Woods institutions, taking the first head of the World Bank while the latter lead the IMF international .

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However, in early August, the WB personal association had denounced “leadership crisis” . Several former executives had then complained in an open letter the absence of a “clear strategy” and called for a more transparent and open selection process.

If a call for applications has been launched, it has been locked by the United States, the first institution of shareholders, who were quick to provide support for a second term of the incumbent, thus discouraging any dissenting candidature.

Given Mr. Kim, no emerging country has finally taken the risk of support a competitor, unlike what happened in 2012 when the Nigerian Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala had bid head of this juggernaut of economic development, which brings together 189 countries and employs over 15,000 people.

“We need go forward”

As of Tuesday, the president in any case started draw priorities of his second term.

“The challenges for the future remain high, with climate change, the de investments forced population and epidemics which threaten the progress we have made to improve billion people in life. “

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It will also require that the World Bank is of “new ways” funding, at a time when member states are seeing their resources dry . One possibility was drawn last week with the announcement that the branch dedicated to the poorest countries soon would raise money on the markets.

While deploring the continuation of Kim process the personal association has recently expressed its willingness to do against good fortune heart: “We must move forward and work constructively with the president (…) to address our pressing internal challenges. “



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