In response to the Cosby case, rape become imprescriptible California


So far the victims had only ten years to make a complaint. The star Bill Cosby, 79, is accused by dozens of women to events dating back to the 1960s


La star de la télévision Bill Cosby, 79 ans, est accusée par des dizaines de femmes de les avoir agressées sexuellement pour des faits remontant jusqu’aux années 1960.

California Governor ratified Wednesday, September 28th a law abolishing the limitations for sex crimes. The measure was drafted in the wake of Bill Cosby case.

The new text provides no time limit to prosecute all sorts of sexual assault. So far the victims had only ten years to bring complaint, except for the presence of DNA, which offered a period slightly longer.

“According to the US Department of Justice only two percent of rapists are convicted and sent to prison. The other 98% are never punished for their crimes “ says Connie Leyva, the elected Senate Democratic California behind the text.

Facts dating back to 1960

The TV star Bill Cosby, 79, is accused by dozens of women’s have sexually assaulted, most drugging them to events dating back to the 1960s Very few criminal proceedings were initiated because of the prescription. However, several civil lawsuits are underway in Los Angeles, including an alleged assault at the famous Playboy Mansion in 1974 on Judy Huth when she was only 15 years old.

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The lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents several alleged victims of the actor responded by noting that before “the ratification of the law, the requirement prevented many victims of rape power consider proceedings “. It added in a statement that many of his clients have testified before the California Congress in favor of the new law, “gives the message to sexual predators that the passage of time will no longer protect them” .

In France, the limitation period in the context of rape is ten years, and since 2004, until twenty years after the majority for a minor victim at the time. In 2011, a bill to extend thirty years after the majority this last period was rejected by the Assembly.

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A bill MPs Alain Tourret (Left Radicals, Calvados) and Georges Fenech ( Republicans Rhône) that extension including the limitation period to twenty years for crimes (sexual or not ) has however been adopted in March by the national Assembly. It is currently under consideration in the Senate.

In French criminal law, only crimes against humanity are imprescriptible.

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