In Germany, Facebook told to remove the data from the users of WhatsApp



Facebook a racheté WhatsApp il y a deux ans.

The announcement raised concerns: this summer, WhatsApp had explained that he was share some data of its users with Facebook the company which had acquired two years earlier. European authorities on data protection had then made know they would consider such data transfers to close . Tuesday, September 27, the first sentence fell. The data protection authority in Hamburg, where is located the German siege of Facebook banned “with immediate effect of collect and store data of German users of WhatsApp “. She also ordered him to delete all data that were transmitted by WhatsApp” .

In a statement the organization recalled that when Facebook had bought WhatsApp, both companies had promised not share data between them . “The fact that happening today is not only a deception to users and the public, but also a violation of the law on data protection. “ She believes in this message that Facebook should have ask users’ permission, ” what has not been done “.

Facebook said respect law

The US company has responded, providing to the Agency France Presse that “Facebook complies with EU data protection law.” “We are open to collaboration with the Hamburg authority to respond his questions and raise any concerns. “

WhatsApp gave few details on the exact data that were be transferred to Facebook, but was referred to the users phone number to do of product suggestions (eg friends, connections or interesting content) and display offers and relevant advertising. “



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