Help ProPublica to know what Facebook knows about you



ProPublica is a non-profit journalism organization that carries out reports and investigations “public interest”. In 2016, 45 journalists this writing was interested in particular algorithms their use by companies or public authorities, their abuse and blur around them when they become “black boxes.”

One of the players whose secret algorithms make the fortune is Facebook. It is also one of the more out of reach from a journalistic point of view. Therefore ProPublica had the idea to go draw in the nearly 2 billion accounts Facebook to know more on the way firm uses data that knowingly give it users (by clicking in “likant” by writing, tagging, using WhatsApp or Instagram, for example).

“Facebook uses all this data to allow advertisers target their advertisements targeting groups increasingly specific. We discovered that Facebook offers advertisers more than 1,300 categories to target their advertisements. “

ProPublica offers to those who want to install an extension on the Chrome browser “that allows you to see what Facebook says know of you . This can go from the page of a series “LiKee” to a product you have clicked an advertisement once through a subject you’re likely to love according to your former choice. You can say anonymously to journalists ProPublica if you think that “the data is correct,” and reveal whether their “that Facebook said to know from you is advertising categories it sells you “.



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