Handball: the coach Onesta distanced himself from the field


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Claude Onesta, lors de la demi-finale des Jeux olympiques de Rio, face à l’Allemagne, le 19 août.

Claude Onesta will not sit on the bench of the team of France of handball in January 2017, and it is from forums he will attend meetings during the championship world organized in France (11-29 January).

But Claude Onesta, head of the Blues since 2001, not leaving them again, he changes positions: tell the review in former coach, and hello to the new “general manager”. The bench alongside the Albigensian since Euro 2014, won the Denmark Didier Dinart was joined by Guillaume Gille. Those two, Olympic champions in 2008 and 2012 as players now share the title coach of the France team.

“I’m not here for that do flower pot in a corner”

“I will take distance with the ground, and I you ensure this is not a punishment for me is even lived with pleasure and relief, “ explained Claude Onesta Wednesday, September 28, recalling that he had sometimes been, in recent seasons the Blues, ‘s printing [qu’il n’était pas] not in the right place “ .

Starting afresh for a tour on the bench, a few months after the Olympic final in Rio lost against Denmark, was to take the risk to competition too. But cut completely bridges with the team he led for so long, while a home World Cup looming necessarily responsible for specific issues, seemed dangerous.

The position of manager generally enable it to be there without be . If it emerges from the constraints of terrain – training, composition, replacements, downtime, etc. – That eventually the tired it remains the guarantor of the spirit of the team and the group’s balance; he will have something to say at the time of selection and will try to ensure the smoothest possible transition for his successor, who will serve as adviser of luxury .

Voici donc le nouveau duo d’entraîneurs de l’équipe de France, ici en pleine démonstration de joie après la victoire en finale du championnat du monde en Croatie, en 2009.

“I’m here to keep heading, keeping the authority, still set é Mr Onesta. That is to say that if I have the feeling that a possible drift of generate constraints, I will go to exercise my authority to tell them to Stop. I think I can still their [Didier Dinart et Guillaume Gille] be useful and help to take the measure of business over time. Today, quite honestly, they do not have the capacity and sufficient experience to handle everything. “

A review after the World Cup 2017

can find Didier Dinart (39) and Guillaume Gille (40) a little young. We can emphasize they never resulted in the club, and that this sequence gives the impression of a case that adjusts with friends. But we can also estimate that the French Handball Federation is not anything based on its glorious elders who were all recent success. “It is essential judge Mr Onesta is the knowledge of the problems of very high level, and what are the preparation, organization and management of a team in a competition like this one, with a match every two days. “

This organization of “2 + 1” is it destined to last? A review will take place in February, after the world championship where the Blues ambitionneront of keep crown won there two years Qatar . “I am convinced that the France team will need, at some point, my total departure, and I’ll need, too, to me away total way . We’re just trying to assess what the appropriate time. You say if it’s in three or six months … It will not be in ten years, for sure. And not even in five years. I can not be present at the Euro after “which will take place in early 2018.



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