Eero saved my home Wi-Fi setup. Et tu, Google?


I thought I had it all figured out.

My wife and I were getting ready to move into a new house, you see. We were stepping up to something a little larger, and that’d mean I’d finally have a home office with a little distance from the toddler shrieking zoo we currently operate in our home.

As you can imagine, having an office that isn’t in the middle of such a high-decibel exhibition carried an awful lot of appeal. Love my 19-month-old as I do, her lack of a built-in volume control (an odd feature to omit, if you ask me) makes her a difficult match for all those work hours I stubbornly insist on maintaining.

That’s why everything seemed peachy when we found a right-feeling place with a nice walkout basement — the perfect spot for my humble home office. Or so I thought.


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