Donald Trump's sniffles spawn social media memes


Story highlights

  • Trumps sniffles dominate Twitter at start of first presidential debate
  • The issue of stamina was raised

Before the debate began, moderator Lester Holt referenced the millions of viewers watching worldwide.

What we know about Donald Trump's healthWhat we know about Donald Trump's health
Once underway, Twitter confirmed this was the most “tweeted” debate ever and among those watching and tweeting.

Soon enough, memes quickly developed: #sniffles and #trumpsniff.

Some claimed Trump’s sniffles had to have been caused by pneumonia. This an obvious reference to Hillary Clinton’s bout with the illness that dominated headlines and sidelined her campaign a couple of weeks ago.
Others tweeted that he might have allergies. Earlier this month he told daytime TV’s Dr. Oz he has had hay fever in the spring and fall but said it hasn’t been bad since he’s gotten older.
There was at least one suggestion Trump had used a neti pot before the debate while others recommended he needed to use one for relief.
Stamina was also raised during the debate when Trump said of Clinton, “I don’t believe she does have the stamina. To be president of this country, you need tremendous stamina.”

In evaluating the candidates after the debate, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper noted this as ironic when he said “she didn’t take a drink of water the entire night. I was drinking a couple of bottles of water as was he.”


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