Catherine Pégard remains at Versailles



La présidente du château de Versailles, Catherine Pégard, à Paris, en décembre 2014.

After months of dithering, the Elysee renewed, Wednesday, September 28, Catherine Pégard head to the Palace of Versailles for a term of three years. The roadmap published by the Ministry of Culture enjoins to further anchor the “social responsibility” establishment, opening the castle to school closing day and diversifying audiences.

Former editor of the weekly The point Catherine Pégard had been placed in 2011 at the head of the institution by Versailles Nicolas Sarkozy she became the Advisor. Appointed by the government action, the former journalist, aged 62, has successfully converted, swapping without harm the paneling of the Republic for the gold of the monarchy. Following the line traced by his predecessors, Christine Albanel and Jean-Jacques Aillagon, who had already launched the blueprint of Versailles and several large restoration projects, its balance sheet is solid.

Under his presidency, more than 6000 m 2 additional rooms were opened to the public. Visitor numbers rose by 4% per year until 2015 attacks that killed fall the number of visitors by 14% since the first half of 2016. In context budget tense, she also managed to raise 70 million euros sponsorship since his arrival. Land that has proved sometimes slippery Catherine Pégard was criticized for have accepted money from Korean businessman Yoo Byung-Eun, aka Ahaé photographer for finance recreating the grove Theatre water Versailles. Would she have shown slight?

Rifts monitoring

At the time, argued Catherine Pégard his good faith. “You have to put in 2012. When we met Ahaé, nobody was nothing wrong” had she then said. In 2015, management of the controversy surrounding the work of the British Anish Kapoor, vandalized four times, revealed the flaws in the field of surveillance. Another scandal struck Versailles this year, the purchase between 2011 and 2012 counterfeit furniture. For several weeks, the estate of Catherine Pégard was declared open. Several names have circulated, Emmanuel Hoog, CEO of AFP, Philippe Bélaval, president of Center national monuments.

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Recently, Jean d’Haussonville, head of the Estate of Chambord, had applied. Once is not custom, after Muriel Mayette powered, near Manuel Valls head of the Villa Medici in Rome, the Elysee chose continuity, probably avoid of give a politician staining highly regal post.

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