Andromeda? Making sense of an Android-Chrome OS marriage


Ah, the Android-Chrome OS merger. It’s the fascination that just won’t fade away.

We’ve been hearing predictions about Google’s two primary platforms coming together for ages now — and every time, the reality ends up being far more nuanced than the prophecies lead us to expect. Rather than the one-or-the-other, winner-takes-all type of duel folks have been forecasting for ages, Google has thus far been set on aligning the two platforms and allowing them to co-exist in a mutually beneficial manner.

The latest rumor, however, raises fresh questions about the fates of Android and Chrome OS as we know them. It all started with a cryptic tweet sent by Google Android and Chrome chief Hiroshi Lockheimer right before the weekend:

That foreshadowing set off a flurry of stories about “Andromeda,” an apparent code name for an effort within Google to “fold” Chrome OS into Android — in a way that goes beyond the level of alignment we’ve been seeing so far. The website Android Police kicked the whole thing off with a report revealing the alleged effort and suggesting it was the only thing with enough historic significance to justify Lockheimer’s lofty comparison.


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