An investigation following a complaint from a teacher to police violence



The prosecutor of Bobigny announced Thursday, September 29 have opened a investigation assigned to the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN), the “ Police policies “after the complaint by a research professor at the Sorbonne have been saying ” insulting “ and ” assaulted “ by police officers.

In her complaint, that World could check William Vadot says he was insulted, threatened, locked, and hit with a gun discharge electrical pulse to the station of Saint-Denis (93). He said that the violence took place on the sidelines of an operation and then he had film the arrest of a black woman. The police headquarters, which was announced Tuesday entering IGPN, confirmed that a check had been carried out that night and that audits were in progress.

This militant of the New Anti Party ( NPA ) of 28 years testified first on social networks and gave a press conference Monday. He specifically stated that the police had seized his mobile phone and erased the two videos in it.

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