Alstom: “Before, we returned with a sheet and went out with a locomotive”


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Plusieurs centaines de salariés d’Alstom se sont rassemblés le 27 septembre devant le siège de l’entreprise à Saint-Ouen.

They were there to “ fight ” and try of “ save “their employment . The sound of whistles and horns, hundreds of “Alsthommes” – a thousand, according to CGT – gathered outside the headquarters of Saint-Ouen (Seine Saint-Denis ), Tuesday 27 September. “ United for Belfort ” could be read on a banner hung at the entrance of the office, carefully guarded by security personnel. Dressed for some of their coat of work to the company’s colors – red and gray – for others, a fluorescent vest, they came say not closing “site of Belfort .

Regis, 48 ​​years of which 32 years in the business, came via train chartered by the Inter (CFE-CGC, CGT CFDT, FO), has no words strong enough to report group strategy. “ is no longer manufactures anything in Belfort, it is shameful. Transferring our skills abroad and during that time, shareholders fatten. “With nostalgia, he nevertheless remembers his” satisfaction “when, in 1984, he entered into what was at the time considered the flagship of industry French. “ When I arrived, there were 2 500 employees, we made everything from A to Z. They returned with a sheet and went out with a loco. Today, it has become an assembly plant. How explain Alstom sold 800 locomotives India and not one is made of France ? “. What now expect is that management brings the “ job ” in France. And to reach he has not “ not let go ” as in 1994, when the site of Belfort was closed “ for seven weeks .”

Posted next door, Olivier, square shoulders and face clean-shaven, thinks he, in announcing the cessation of production of trains in Belfort, the management of Alstom attempted a “ bluff . ” “ They put pressure on the government to recover Régiolis the contract, because they got only 250 locomotives on 1000 under the contract ” thinks guess the forties.

“The government does nothing”

But employees are not deluding themselves. They know that public procurement, which will be announced in a few days, will not be sufficient and does not only concern their site. “ We do not manufacture TER, so most orders will not be for us ” regrets Fanny, 29 years. Back then hired as a service provider it eight years ago, the young woman, now expects “ solutions “, criticizes the government’s position. “ Stopping freight penalized us a lot and there was no will to develop piggyback so that we keep talk ecology. The government does nothing. “While it believes employees have repeatedly tried to draw the whistle. “ When Montebourg came, we asked him about the freight. Like during the visit of Macron, but nothing was done.

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His neighbor, salt and pepper hair and glasses screwed on the skull, attacked him, the lack of investment

A company that does not invest does not live . must modernize facilities and stop to set on the TGV. Much has been slow to develop the range of electric locomotives, for example. Sale TGV becomes difficult, all countries do not have the means.

“Trust is broken”

Many also to vilify communication “ disastrous ” CEO, Henri Poupart-Lafarge, which they consider “ brutal ” and “ inhuman . ” “ And to think that there are still three weeks we celebrated new hires ” slips one of them during a conversation before being interrupted by the arrival of Secretary General CGT Philippe Martinez. Facing camera and microphone in hand, the union “ welcome ” the presence of employees and asked management to say “one phrase We will not close the Belfort site . ‘ “

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few minutes later, a handful of “alsthommes” heats up and broke through the barrier site. Arrested by security personnel, they end up sitting and expect like the others, the delegation of employees and union representatives received by the CEO and the HRD group, so. After one hour, Olivier Kohler, CFDT delegate Belfort, spoke. The frozen lines, he deplores “a new violin part.” “The same as at the extraordinary CEC yesterday. “” Management argued the fact that the transfer to Reichshoffen [Bas-Rhin] was entirely justified “he reports, calling them employees ” remain mobilized until next week following the state of discussions between the state and the general direction “.

If share work innovate and bring part of production in Belfort, yet this is the solution, according to employees of Alstom. As for accept be transferred to another site? Some already think about it. But for others, such as Fanny, the answer is already found any. “ This is not worth continue elsewhere adventure to be told in a year that the factory closes. There are a few months, we were told that Belfort was not in danger. And today, we are told the closing, let alone plan social . Trust is broken. “Until she comes back, the Inter announced the arrival of an expert who will be responsible for analyzing the business strategy of the group.



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