Alain Juppé tip the “escalation” of Russia on the Syrian conflict


During a speech at the Institut Montaigne, the candidate for the primary of said right want to “radiate France in tomorrow’s world.”


Alain Juppé au salon

“Navigate to France its power status of global influence. “ This is the objective of Alain Juppé on policy International. The former minister of Foreign Affairs and candidate for the primary right of said want “make shine France in the world tomorrow “ Monday, October 17, during a speech at the Institut Montaigne ( Paris ). “I can not bring myself to France cowering, fearful, behind” he added before this “think tank” of liberal persuasion, regretting that the country “so weakened the period ends “.

Among the priorities, the mayor of Bordeaux quotes “security” of “nation” and especially “the fight against terrorism “ and ” international migration management “.
Regarding the fight against terrorism said, he said he would try “expand and strengthen” the international coalition fighting against Daech.

“In Syria we are at a complete impasse. But we should not here either, give the requirement of justice and peace for the Syrian people. “

“Russian bombing in Aleppo must stop” launched Juppe, calling again Russia to “solution policy . “Wait another and bombing always with the illusion of total victory, is to make war crimes accomplices” did -he warned, pointing “headlong rush” of Moscow. Urging Russia to “turn the page after the Cold War” the former prime minister accused the Putin regime to be ally “ with Assad, who is responsible for the death of at least 300,000 of his countrymen “ and wanting ” respectable liquidate any opposition to the regime “ Syrian.

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M. Juppe also found “necessary an Israeli-Palestinian agreement that Palestinian rights are recognized and respected and they can have a sovereign, independent and free,” . He also expressed readiness to “revive” on project European and wants “reopen the public debate” on Europe in 2017, taking advantage of 60 e anniversary of the Treaty of Rome with “a congress of the European conscience” . He also wants raise “political Europe and defense European” .

During a session of questions / answers, he referred to the China “difficult partner” or Hillary Clinton “courageous, hardworking and with character” . Asked about a possible sending of French troops in Mosul ( Iraq ), it was said there opposite. He also found “totally unacceptable” nuclear testing North Korea . “It takes harden our position” has he said, also calling on China to “clarify” his.

obviously confident in his chances of winning the primary right of November 20 and 27, he announced to the ambassador of France in Ivory Coast which gave him “Mr. President” and asked about a future visit, he “would go Africa “after November 27” .

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