A Guide to Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau’s Style (and the Rise of Canada’s Camelot)


Back in December, Vogue featured an interview with newly-minted Prime Minster Justin Trudeau. Its author drew the comparison between Canada’s most famed political family and the Kennedy dynasty of “Camelot.” While intended half in jest, the association rings true for many Canadians—finally, there is a young, fresh family occupying 24 Sussex who feel equal parts aspirational and accessible.

The Trudeaus’ ascension to power has also catapulted them to viral status. Following the Vogue piece, The New York Times penned an article titled “With the Rise of Justin Trudeau, Canada Is Suddenly … Hip?” (Thanks for the backhanded compliment, America.)

As the partner of a man making headlines, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau has been thrust into the spotlight in a way that recalls Kate Middleton’s meteoric rise to celebrity just five years ago. Similarly, she’s managed to handle it all with an impressive amount of poise.

Okay, yes, the moment Trudeau inexplicably started singing at an event marking Martin Luther King Jr. Day was perplexing, but doesn’t it almost add to her appeal? That she’s so uninhibited about expressing her emotions she’ll literally break into song at a moment’s notice? There’s something exciting about that kind of honesty, especially in a world as notoriously buttoned-up as politics.

Also, whether she’s gala hopping with the Obamas or taking afternoon strolls with the Cambridges, she is all about giving love to the Canadian fashion industry (one that is in serious need). She frequently sports alpaca coats by homegrown label Sentaler, and championed our golden boy Erdem by wearing one of his designs to Justin’s swearing-in. She landed a spread in freakin’ Vogue only a few weeks after her hubs took office (a feat which it may be worth noting the Harper clan was unable to achieve after nearly a decade).

Yes, stylish ways have indeed made their way to Parliament Hill—incidentally, they’re also pretty great. Flip through this primer to Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau’s style—you’re going to be seeing a lot of it (for at least another four years).



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