3000 euros fine suspended for the FN former candidate who Taubira compared to a monkey



Le 17 octobre 2013, un reportage de l’émission « Envoyé spécial » sur France 2 montrait Mme Leclère, propriétaire d’un magasin d’articles de pêche à Rethel, dans les Ardennes, qui s’efforçait de monter une liste pour les élections municipales de 2014.

Anne-Sophie Leclere, former candidate of National Front (FN) in municipal Rethel, in the Ardennes, has was sentenced Wednesday, September 28 at 3000 euros fine suspended for racial insult to have compared the former minister of justice Christiane Taubira a monkey. The prosecution had requested two-month suspended sentence.

The Criminal Court Paris imposed a sentence “symbolic” said lawyer M me Leclere, M e Jerome Triomphe. According to him, the judges took into account the fact that M me Leclere had “largely paid remarks against him” .

On 17 October 2013 a report of the program “Special Envoy” to France showed 2 M me Leclere, owner of a fishing goods store in Rethel in the Ardennes, which was trying to up a list for the municipal elections of 2014.

Questioned then on a photomontage published on his page Facebook and showed a side a little monkey and the other the Keeper of the time, with the legends ” 18 months “ and ” now “M me Leclere was especially repeated ” this is a wild “and said: “Ultimately, I prefer see in a tree (…) than see the government. “ She was subsequently excluded from the far-right party.

Third trial

The court found her guilty of public insult offense for the photomontage, but has relaxed the remainder. She explained at the hearing that it was unaware that the camera was rolling.

This was the third trial M me Leclere, the first when she was present. In July 2014, the Criminal Court of Cayenne ( Guyana ), M ancient land of election of me Taubira, was sentenced to nine months in prison and five years’ ineligibility. June 22 conviction overturned by the Court of Appeal, which ruled “inadmissible” action by the Walwari Association (a movement co-founded by the former Minister of Justice in early 1993).

But alongside this process started in Guyana by Walwari, the Paris prosecutor, who had not been warned by M me Taubira of the existence of this procedure in Cayenne, had opened a investigation which led to this trial in 17 e chamber of the Paris Criminal court.

Because of this first procedure, the defense M me Leclère felt that she could be again continued in Paris. But the court rejected this argument, what regretted M e Triomphe, waiting to interview her client to decide of do or not call.

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